Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you take new patients?

New patients are welcome

Do you do home visits?

Home visits are not routine, but may be done in special circumstances.

Can I request a referral or prescription via the phone?

Prescription and referral requests are not taken over the phone. If you need a prescription or a referral written you will need to book an appointment to see a doctor. In exceptional circumstances a doctor may write a prescription without a consultation. There may be a fee to accommodate these requests for which there is no Medicare rebate.

Can I discuss my results with the Doctor over the phone?

Our doctors do not discuss any results over the phone, except in exceptional circumstances. If you wish to discuss results with your doctor you will need an appointment to do so.

How do I get my medical history sent over by my previous clinic?

Patients will need to sign a release form which gives us permission to request your history from another clinic or hospital.

Can my medical history be sent to another clinic?

Your history can only be released with your written consent. You will need to fill in the appropriate forms at the clinic which is requesting your information. We do not release medical histories without the signed consent of the patient or parent/guardian unless there is a medical need. Meadows Medical Centre is keen to embrace the sharing of medical information via electronic means in a consensual manner. Meadows utilises My Health Record as the Whiteboard interface.

How do I claim my Medicare rebate?

Our computer software enables us to send all claims to Medicare electronically. We strongly recommend that you register your banking details with Medicare which enables them to send your rebate directly to your account within a day or so.

Do I need to book an appointment to see the Practice Nurse?

Our nurse often works by appointment, so bookings are advised.