The services available at the clinic cover the full range of general practice, including Check-ups, Family planning, Pap smears, Counselling, Vaccinations, Nutritional advice, Sports medicine, Skin checks, chronic disease management, and minor surgery such as the stitching of cuts, removal of moles, Sunspots and Warts.

The clinic also provides a wide range of Addiction Treatments, with all staff keen to engage and assist with people who have a Substance Disorder. If somebody requires treatment with an opiate maintenance program, we are keen to assist with rapidly stabilising them.

We also have an interest in assisting patients who have varying levels of Pain management issues.

We have good relationships with local detox and mental health services.

Meadows Medical Centre is a mixed billing Clinic with bulk billing available for pensioners and Health Care Card holders.

We run an appointment system and patients should telephone the surgery to arrange an appointment time.  However, we do consider exceptional circumstances such as emergencies . These are seen without delay.

The average duration of a standard consultation is between 10 and 15 minutes.  If you feel that your problem may take longer, please advise reception at the time of making your appointment so that more time can be allocated.  As much as we try to maintain appointment times, it is not always possible, as some problems take a little more time to deal with than others.  We ask for your patience and understanding.

Patients are expected to see a doctor for repeat prescription.

Our GPs do not provide routine medical care by phone and email. If you have an urgent question about your care, between appointments, please contact reception. The staff will take a message for your GP if required.

For emergencies at any time please call 000 for ambulance attendance. For information about after hours medical services please check our contacts page.

Closing the Gap:

Our clinic participates in closing the Gap program.

The program aims to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians better manage their health.


Once your pregnancy has been confirmed, our GPs are willing to care you and your baby throughout your pregnancy. One of the good things about going to your family Doctor, care is comprehensive, you won’t have to see someone else if you become ill during your pregnancy and all your questions can be answered and thus your anxiety allayed.

Shared Ante-Natal care can also be provided in partnership with most Obstetricians and local hospitals.

Children’s Health:

We have a keen interest in ensuring that your child receives the correct advice and treatment for childhood immunisations and ailments.

Vaccinations are uploaded to the Australian Vaccinations Register as routine.

Family Planning & Contraception:

This is a prime concern of the practice and specialised advice is given in this area.


If you are travelling abroad, you may need extra vaccinations.  Please contact the surgery as early as possible, as some vaccinations need to be given a month or more before travelling.  You may be required to collect a prescription prior to attending for the vaccination.

Our Doctors have a special interest in this subject and as such have the latest information required to ensure you have a safe and healthy trip.

Home Visits:

Home visits are available to patients who are local residents if they are too ill to attend the surgery. Our GPs attend local nursing homes.